“Intelligent street lamp” refers to intelligent street lamp

Guided by the national strategic policies in the fields of “Internet” and “smart city”, adopting the concept of “big data” and borrowing the technology of “cloud computing” and “Internet”, we have built an engineering Internet of things system based on the networking of LED lights and other facilities, and strive to contribute to the development of smart city and smart park. The promotion and application of the “smart city” project can not only save social resources and national resources, improve people’s lives, reduce potential safety hazards, promote disaster prevention and reduction, promote industrial upgrading, improve management efficiency and speed up the process of urban intellectualization, but also increase local taxes and employment rate to practice the National Smart City Planning and development strategy.

The promotion of 5g network and Internet of things provides an opportunity for the development of smart street lamps.

With the in-depth development of urbanization and information society, a large number of urban road lighting poles with dense distribution and stable power supply have become the core Internet of things resources. The comprehensive development of the social service function and economic value of road lighting poles has become a trend. Many foreign institutions have begun to make beneficial exploration of using light poles and towers to carry various miniaturized intelligent devices. However, at present, the comprehensive development and utilization of road lighting poles at home and abroad is basically based on simple function superposition and external connection.

There are few successful cases of multi-function integration and collaborative work. In addition, there is a lack of scientific and technological standards, effective management mechanism and mature investment and operation mode.


Taking the lamp pole as the core, the intelligent lamp pole integrates the functions of lighting control, video monitoring, voice broadcasting, public WiFi, alarm and help seeking, air monitoring, green charging, information release, advertising interaction, parking space monitoring, well cover monitoring and so on, so as to achieve the effect of “multi pole integration and one pole multi-function”.

After the promotion and application of smart light pole in cities, it can build a “new smart city” Internet of things and big data architecture of regional cross regional platform, which will limit the public investment in road facilities, greatly save the construction cost of smart city, promote the implementation of “Internet” + strategy, and bring practical benefits to the government, the public and enterprises.