Smart Office Lighting Solution

In today’s increasingly connected world and big trend of 5G+Iot,for new & existing commercial buildings, it request to be leaner, faster, smarter, better for people’s experience. Based on C-Lux intelligent control technology,our system combines smart luminaries with smart buildings, all with the promise of new opportunities to redefine smart lighting by making it so intuitive and simple,intelligent.

Wireless Commercial Lighting Solution:  simple, stable,wireless control, easy to install.That can be installed in a single space even an entire building and be ideal for any indoor can reduce energy consumption and enhance occupant convenience.

What Do Smart Office Lighting System Bring Us ?

smart office lighting feature

Smart Office lighting Feature and function

smart office light ing feature

Smart office lighting system layout

Product Portfolio

With a wide series of products including LED luminaries, sensors, local switch, and smart power supply, C-Lux provides the flexibility to select the products you want and handle any on-site challenges with ease. Please visit detail