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What Function Does Good-Life Smart Office Panel Light Bring

Features of Tunable white LED Panel light :

►Back light panel with pmma lens with 10 years life.

►Warranty: 5 years.

►Input Voltage: 100-277Vac | 0-10V/BLE mesh/Dali dimmable | PF>0.9 | THD<20.

►High efficiency, up to 135lm/W RA:80.

►45mm thickness, driver on the side frame.

►50,000hrs life design for driver and LED.

►Smart dimming or color tuning for optional 2700K~6500K

► BLE Mesh smart control, with option of motion and daylight harvest 2-in-1 sensor.

Why does Good-Life Smart office lighting make CCT adjustable and dimming?

Color temperature can be adjustable dynamically in whole day
Blue spectrum have big impact on our living clocks. Color temperature 5300K and above can improve people’s efficiency in daylights and Color temperature warm white 3000K and below is better for night time.

How Does Good-Life Smart office panel Light Work

How does Good-Life Smart office panel Light control

How Does Good-Life Smart office linear Light Distribution curve apply for

Product Construction

Optional built-in sensor for PIR&daylight harvest sensor & 2 in 1 sensor

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If you have owned smart system, we can provide API for your integration or we can customize products with your assigned bluetooth/zigbee module,such as Casambi,inSona,etc