What C-Lux Service

Every customers are most important and valued for C-Lux, we are always together to building 

In the consideration of different nature of the customers and the specific application scenarios of intelligent lighting and smart devices,

C-Lux builds up a set of perfect sales network system and related service value framework, in order to solve related problems and pain points more effectively for customers. thus we can work together easily and grow up rapidly

What projector engineering care more: 

1.Professional technical data,and some relative products experience for projects .

2.More products require from different suppliers and tedious procurement process.

3.Strict product quality warranty request.

4.In-site installation experience request.

5.In-Site project testing effect request.

What C-Lux do more in the following:

1. C-Lux offers professional technical datasheet and documents to let customers make effectively and professional bidding materials

2. C-Lux delivers professional output of project design and lighting simulation from PRO E, 3Dmax, solidworks, Dailux,etc for predicting project installation effect.

3. C-Lux provides related testing reports to meet up with tender’s request.

4. C-Lux assists customers in purchasing and inspecting other products from other suppliers if C-Lux do not produce.

5. C-Lux provides 5 year warranty,even 7 year warranty according with tender’s request.Moreover, C-Lux carries on the strict warranty policy as to the contract.

6. C-Lux arranges relative workman to assistant customer’s installation and test project effect when project start

7. C-Lux can provide SDK/API to meet up with the tender’s system or server’s request

8. C-Lux provides OEM & ODM in software and hardware to meet up with the tender’s special request.

What agency partner care more:

1.Market channel union request

2.Local customer’s information share request

3.Agency promotion

What C-Lux do more in the following:

1.C-Lux signs an legal agency agreement with agent to define the market channel process, then protect the rights and interests each other among the area of agency.

2.C-Lux delivers digital marketing online and offline to help to enlarge agents’ reputation.

3.C-lux make sure priority of new products and fast promotion for agents.

What Wholesales&Distributor partner care more:

1 Fast delivery

1 Lower cost and competitive price

1 New product release

1 Fast promotion

C-Lux do more in following:

1 C-Lux provides fast delivery policy to ensure fast circulation of commodities for priority of business opportunity.

1 C-Lux benefits more for customers in price actively due to updating supply chain,new technology updates, optimization of raw material procurement, and scientific production management,to make sure the goods be more competitive in market.

1 C-Lux outputs new products on schedule due to strong R&D team including design and electric & mould development, to keep the goods advanced in market. To be important,C-lux can do do targeted product development with customer’ together according to the local market, to create new interest point.

1 C-Lux provide free post ,samples shell and cabinet, to help the customers to enlarge the brands

1 C-Lux provide Lifelong responsible service awareness with strict quality control system and perfect after-sales service. Even if the products purchased from our company have passed the shelf life, we will  assist customers to solve all product problems still.

What retails partner care more: 

1 Small MOQ at the beginning

1 Too many commodities variety

1 Strict package details

What C-Lux do more in the following: 

1 C-Lux accepts small MOQ at the beginning for helping retailers customers to test market.

1 C-Lux makes overall arrangements to combine products from C-Lux and customer’s other suppliers,help customers to delivery, shipping together for cost and time saving , efficiency improvement. That is base on C-Lux advanced ERP management system and strict service awareness

1 C-Lux accepts personalized packaging for promoting customer’s brands at the beginning.,even for small order.

What system integrator care more: 

1 Only require some core part, like system, or core hardware

1 Special request of place of origin for entire products

1 Special own-brand system request. 

What C-Lux do more in the following:

1 C-Lux accepts only core part provision only.

1 C-Lux provides exporting SKD parts to meet up with local assemble from customers from customers, then it can be special place of origin.

1 C-Lux provide core hardware SDK/API to let’s customer integrate to their cloud platform or server. 

C-Lux work together with our lovely stuff family and global partners in developing smart lighting and smart devices lamps and improving lighting technology.We love our career! C-Lux is willing to run together, Win together with partners from all over the world!