Read the hidden “password” of smart city from smart street lamp

Source: China Lighting Network

Polaris transmission and distribution network news: “people gather in cities to live, and they stay in cities to live a better life.” This is a famous saying of the great philosopher Aristotle. The emergence of intelligent lighting will undoubtedly make the “better” urban life more colorful.

Recently, as Huawei, ZTE and other electronic communication giants enter the field of intelligent lighting, a smart city construction war starting from smart street lamps is quietly starting. Smart street lamps have become the pioneer in smart city construction, whether it is well-known big data, cloud computing or the Internet of things, How many scientific and technological “passwords” in smart city construction are carried by intelligent street lamps?

Relevant data show that lighting accounts for 12% of the electricity consumption in our country, and road lighting accounts for 30%. Now there is more or less power gap in each city, facing the pressure of energy conservation and emission reduction. Therefore, when energy conservation becomes a major issue related to social sustainable development such as power shortage, market competitiveness and environmental protection, the construction and transformation of “intelligent lighting” in smart cities has become an inevitable trend of urban development.

As a major power consumer in cities, road lighting is the key project of energy-saving transformation in many cities. Now, LED street lamps are mostly used to replace traditional high-pressure sodium lamps, or solar street lamps are directly replaced to save power from the transformation of light sources or lamps. However, with the accelerated development of urban lighting construction, the number of lighting facilities will increase significantly, and the lighting control requirements are more complex, which can not fundamentally solve the problem. At this time, the intelligent lighting control system can complete the secondary energy saving after the lamp transformation.

It is understood that the single lamp intelligent lighting control system developed by Shanghai shunzhou Technology Co., Ltd. can realize the remote switching, dimming, detection and loop control of the single lamp without changing the street lamp and increasing the wiring, and support the longitude and latitude timing switch, setting the scene every other day, etc. For example, in the case of large pedestrian flow, the maximum power consumption of lamps can meet the lighting demand. In the case of small pedestrian flow, the brightness of lamps can be automatically reduced; In the middle of the night, the street lamps can be controlled to light one after another; It also supports longitude and latitude control. According to the local longitude and latitude, the time of switching on and off the light can be adjusted automatically according to the seasonal change and the time of sunrise and sunset every day.

Through a set of data comparison, we can clearly see the energy-saving effect. Taking the 400W high-pressure sodium lamp as an example, the application of shunzhou city intelligent road lighting control system is compared before and after. The energy-saving method is from 1:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m., with one lamp on every other; From 3 o’clock to 5 o’clock, two lights are on every other time; From 5 o’clock to 7 o’clock, one light will be on every other time. According to 1 yuan / kWh, the power is reduced to 70&, and the cost can be saved by 32.12 million yuan per 100000 lamps per year.

According to the staff of shunzhou technology, the completion of these needs is composed of three parts: single lamp controller, centralized Manager (also known as intelligent gateway) and monitoring software platform. It is applicable to various lamps such as LED street lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps and solar street lamps. It can also be connected to environmental sensors such as illumination, rain and snow. With intelligent control, it can be adjusted on demand and save a lot of electricity expenses, More humanized, scientific and intelligent.