smart led street light CTF


C-lux smart led street light “CTF series” deliver high efficient,long lifetime and low maintenance. The smooth self-clean low EPA and scaly modern design and have obvious effect of heat dissipation.Optics integrated into the clear PC lens are designed for optional light distribution .This reliable unit have 50,000hours design life significantly reducing maintenance needs and expenses.C-Lux intelligent street light are achieving of goals of sustainability, citizen well being and connectivity among city, with lighting up the streets and roads to enhance the comfort, safety,energy-saving,green urban environment.

Specially, Connecting  with C-Lux Gen1 or Gen2 intelligent controlling system thought Motion sensor or NB-IoT, LoraWan,PLC,Cat1,etc, The streetlights CTF2 series will bring more simply,fast,intelligent control of smart city IoT SaaS platform to reach recycling and green economy, compared to traditional LED streetlights fixture.

Product Construction

C-Lux led street light optical distribution curve

Multiple Light Distribution Options

Streetlight has a wide range of applications and also these light distribution curves have strict requirements.In order to meet these professional requirements and to comply with the CIE140/EN 13201/CJJ 45 standard,we designed two different light distribution.Under the premise of meeting the requirements of safe and comfortable lighting and general use of the Product,the road with different road widths should be covered with less light as much as possible.

Me1 and ME 2 are suitable for multi-lane arterial roads and expressways.

ME 3,ME4 and ME 5 are suitable for two-lane or single-lane roads and side roads

Single-lane carriageway

This narrow distribution is great for lighting walkways, path and sidewalks.
spacing height ratio of luminary can reach 3.8, according CIE 140/EN 13201
requirement(ME 3~ME 5), those parameters[Lav, UO,UI, TI,SR] are passed in Dialux simulation.

Two-lane carriageway

The narrow distribution also can be used to two-lane can use to apply wide walkways,access road and side roads.Spacing height ratio of luminary can reach 3.8, according CIE 140/EN 13201 requirement(ME 3~ME 5) ,those parameters[Lav,UO,UI,TI,SR] are passed in Dialux simulation

Two-lane carriageway

The wide distribution is great for expressways,multi-lane arterial roads.Spacing height ratio of luminary can reach 3.5.According CIE 140/EN 13201 requirement(ME 1~ME 2), those parameters [Lac,UO,UI,TI,SR] are passed in Dialux simulation

Multi-lane carriageway

The wide distribution also can be used to multi-lane carriageway.You can use to apply multi-lane arterial roads.Spacing height ratio of luminary can reach3.5.According CIE 140/EN 13201 requirement(ME 1~ME 2). those parameters[Lav, UO,UI, TI,SR] are passed in Dialux simulation

Product Datasheet

Technical Datasheet
Model No.










Input Volt





Sensor GEN1/Intelligent control Gen2

Smart protocol




Led Chip

Philip/Osram/Other    High quality SMD3030/SMD5050



Luminous Flex





Lighting efficiency


Beam Angle


Operating Temp.


Storage Temp.


IP Class


IK Class





50000hours@L70    5year warranty

Pack Size 570*270*155mm 640*320*155mm 740*320*155mm 790*320*155mm

Fitted with C-Lux Gen1 sensors for autonomous dynamic scenarios

Photoelectric sensors switch on the luminaries exactly when natural light becomes insufficient (cloudy day, night fall, etc.) so as to provide safety and comfort in the public space.In places with little nocturnal activity, lighting can be dimmed to a minimum most of the time.

By using motion sensors such as PIR sensors,levels can be raised as soon as a pedestrian or a vehicle is detected in the area.

Speed (and direction) sensors such as radars work with a wide detection,area to classify the identified moving item.following its speed and its direction. This classification provides the right response according to predefined lighting scenarios.

Fitted with C-Lux intelligent management platform

As the most user-friendly remote control platform for intelligent street lighting, C-Lux integrates advanced features for programming the most efficient dimming profiles based on endless variables (calendar days, special events, seasons, etc.) while providing safety, comfort and a sense of well-being for people.C-Lux LAMPMIND can integrate smart lighting applications such as the ability to adapt the color of the light or build dynamic lighting scenarios through PIR sensors or radars. As it offers complete interoperability, C-Lux LAMPMIND can manage controllers/sensors and control luminaires from other manufacturers.

Meanwhile,C-Lux can provide API of hardware and cloud to let customers integrate their intelligent system.

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