solar street light CSTF20-30-40

C-Lux all in on integrated solar powered street light




20W 30W 40W

LifePO4 battery

3.2V,36AH 3.2V 76AH 3.2V,100AH

Mono Solar Panel

18V/40W  671*336mm 18V/50W, 820*336mm 18V/65W ,1070*336mm

LED Source

Philips SMD 5050,16PC Philips SMD 5050,24PC Philips SMD 5050,32PC



Lighting efficiency


Flux luminous

4000lm 6000lm 8000lm


Die-Casting Aluminum


4KV,can make higher.



Charging Time

5-6 hours by bright sunlight

Lighting time

12hours/day,backup 5-7 days

Working Temperature

-20℃ to +60℃

Working Humidity


Intelligent Control Mode

Light Control/Time Control/Human Body Induction/Intelligent Power Adjustment

Working Mode

MODE L - Light Control - 100% - 1hr, 70% - 3hrs, 20% - till dawnMODE T - Time Control - 100% - 2 hrs, 70% - 2hrs, 50% - 2hrsMODE M - Microwave Control - 100% if people come close, 30% far away MODE U - Time + Microwave Control - 100% - 2hrs, 70% - 2hrs, 50% - 2hrs, sensor working 50%, if people come close, 20% far away

Packing Details

760*430*150mm 910*430*150mm 1160*430*150mm



Warranty Period

3 year warranty
Fitted with C-Lux Gen2 intelligent management platform As the most user-friendly remote control platform for intelligent street lighting, C-Lux integrates advanced features for programming the most efficient dimming profiles based on endless variables (calendar days, special events, seasons, etc.) while providing safety, comfort and a sense of well-being for people.C-Lux LAMPMIND can integrate smart lighting applications such as the ability to adapt the color of the light or build dynamic lighting scenarios through PIR sensors or radars. As it offers complete interoperability, C-Lux WECLOUD can manage controllers/sensors and control luminaries from other manufacturers. Meanwhile,C-Lux can provide API of hardware and cloud to let customers integrate their intelligent system. For more about how to work and what C-Lux smart solar Street Lighting bring us, please visit START