Smart Pole CSP07

Smart Pole CSP07

The smart lighting-based multi-functional system to connect people to their social environment.


Much more than a lighting system, C-Lux smart pole CSP07 brings added value to outdoor living spaces. It goes far beyond lighting by integrating features such as Display screen loudspeakers, CCTV cameras, WiFi, intercoms, Mobile chargers, street lighting and solar power supply. It offers unlimited opportunities to enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors. Thanks to its flexible and modular design, Shuffle is a completely energy efficient yet affordable smart city solution that requires very low maintenance. By leveraging this smart system, managers of cities and privately-managed sites infrastructure can secure better services and infrastructure for themselves and their citizens. In addition, C-Lux smart pole CSP07 is a sustainable solution, available with a specific coating that makes it adapted to demanding environments such as seafronts and piers

Solar Panel------ Green energy-saving bring Green world.

With solar power supply, it will make C-Lux smart pole energy-saving and green with convenient installation without AC 110V /250V to power supply. Built-in solar panel design create beauty and art for smart city.

Lighting-------Multiple lighting possibilities for all kinds of environment

Available with a range of smart lighting modules, smart pole CSP07 can provide solutions adapted to any type of urban environment or facility. It can integrate a two-side(left and right)lighting module to provide the perfect solution for lighting streets, pedestrian crossings, squares, parks, car parks or even building facades, monuments and statues.

C-Lux smart pole CSP07 lighting modules are available with various lumen outputs and photometries to provide an efficient and comfortable lighting.

Connectivity-------Stay connected at all times

As it can integrate various connectivity modules, smart street lighting pole CSP07 offers a robust and fast internet connection for outdoor public areas. The bandwidth can be divided to assign a part to city operators with the other part available for the general public so people can stay connected. Designed to provide internet in outdoor spaces, the WLAN modules are suited for both cities and privately-owned facilities. smart pole CSP07 also offers telecom operators the possibility to acquire sites to deploy 4G/5G in cities.

Security-------Create a sense of safety

By adding modules that enhance security to the smart pole CSP07 column, you can reduce crime, deter unwanted behaviour in public areas and increase the feeling of safety. It gives security operators access to existing sites, to the available power supply and to regularly maintained infrastructure. Cameras help to monitor spaces while loudspeakers can broadcast announcements. An emergency button and an intercom can also be easily integrated to help people in distress while a flashing light ring can guide emergency services to the right place.

Mobile charger-----Create convenience for civil

With wireless charging device,Solar smart pole CSP07 will bring service of charging mobile.

Environment Monitor----make air quality clear

C-Lux smart solar pole also integrates air senors can monitor the parameters of air, such as temperature,wind speed and direction,PM10,PM2.5,humidity,noise,air pressure,CO2,O2,Illuminance,Ammonia, meanwhile, these index can be showed in display screen to alarm peoples.

Identity & Infotainment

When utility and entertainment become one,C-Lux smart pole CSP07 lighting system is ideal to create an identity and provide information or entertainment for your outdoor environment. It can provide services to help create the best conditions to make people truly feel at home in public areas. With its coloured light ring, it can create ambiance or be used as a flashing light in case of an emergency. It can also indicate if an EV charger is being used by switching colour. Loudspeakers can also enhance the experience by broadcasting music, announcements or advertisements.


C-Lux smart pole CSP07 offers a MAX 20W integrated weatherproof public address sound system dedicated to outdoor spaces. It can be used to broadcast advertisements, public service announcements, music or a local radio station for specific events to create a convivial ambiance.

Spacers------Create Future-Proof combinations

C-Lux smart pole CSP07 provides multiple possibilities by combining up to 5 features modules. This versatile column can be fitted with spacers - equivalent to 1, 2 or 3 modules - that can be replaced by other modules in the future, when a new service is required.

Multiple services for citizens

C-Lux smart pole CSP07 improves security and services for people. This smart city-oriented lighting column can help to monitor traffic, report intrusion alerts, manage crowds, supervise emergency interventions and much more.

Smart lighting system

Smart street lights are the gateway to a true smart city. By leveraging this infrastructure, cities can provide people-centered smart services that improve sustainable mobility, heighten safety, enhance comfort, preserve wild life, connect people everywhere, support public services and stimulate social interactions.

Aesthetic urban lighting solution

C-Lux smart pole CSP07 lighting system offers multiple technologies in one eye-pleasing column. This smart design reduces clutter on public spaces while bringing an aesthetic touch to outdoor living spaces.

Cost-effective lighting system

The LED lighting solutions are energy-efficient and sustainable. In addition, smart pole smart pole CSP08 enables towns and cities to create a new source of revenue. Telecom operators are keen to find new sites for their cellular infrastructure and will pay for them. Smart pole CSP07 provides the required infrastructure to deploy 4G/5G connectivity by integrating small cells throughout towns and cities.

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